Titan Souls

Full soundtrack available on Bandcamp

Game available on PC, PS4 & PSVita


Originally the winner of Ludum Dare 28's 'Audio', 'Mood' and 'Overall' categories.

Nominated for 'Best Audio' in the Golden Joystick Awards 2015.



"The music of this game tells the story and guides the emotion in ways I hadn't expected, and is a beautiful accompaniment to the game.- Indiegames.com


"Sublime Soundtrack... Masterful Composition" - Gamesradar


"Haunting and Memorable" - Playstation Lifestyle


"It is the soundtrack and general audio that deserves the most credit for making this world enjoyable... Fantastic soundtrack and audio cues" - Gamespot


"Superbly Soothing" - IGN


"The serene, contemplative music meshes beautifully... a clever contrast to the pulse-pounding boss tunes" - Game Informer


"Gorgeous original music does a phenomenal job building the tension leading up to each Titan battle." - Game Rant


"Beautiful throughout" - Gametrailers