Titan Souls - Boss Fight Sound Reel

  • Otherworldy Beasts!
  • Weighty Impacts!
  • Big Lasers!
  • Dynamic-Velocity Sliding & Rolling!
  • Poisonfart.ogg!
  • Shattering Icicles!
  • Crumbling Pillars!
  • Telekinetic Powers!
  • No Stock Sounds
  • All Sounds Direct from Gameplay
  • Contains Minor Spoilers


Titan Souls - Ambience & Exploration Sound Reel

  • Footsteps & Traversal
  • Deep, Varied, Dynamic Ambiences
  • Desolate, Mysterious World
  • Sense of Scale
  • Organic, Natural, High Fidelity Sound Palette






Titan Souls - Abstract Sound Reel

Major spoilers within! This video showcases some of the more arty elements of Titan Souls' sound design. Throughout the game, a secondary, abstract sound palette is used in contrast with the organic sounds of the world. Initially used as gameplay signifiers (for example, entering a Titan arena or the battle complete sequence), the later secrets of the game reveal that these otherworldy sounds have a deeper origin...